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www.stamps.com/getstamps – Join the over 500,000 users that are customers of Stamps.com that save time and money everyday printing their stamps versus going to the post office.


Right now, new users can take advantage of the 4-week trial to try out the service, here is what’s included:

Stamps.com offer available at www.stamps.com/getstamps:

  • Users that continue their Stamps.com monthly subscription past the trial will be charged $17.99 per month
  • During trial period your Stamps.com account will automatically be credited with $5 free postage to use during the trial
  • Bonus – get $40 in additional postage plus a free 5lb digital scale
  • $40 in postage coupons which is 4 coupons for $10 free postage redeemable after the trial period
  • Receive a free Stamps.com supplies kit with address and postage labels including a user manual.

Enter Stamps.com Promo Code

  • Go to stamps.com/getstamps.
  • Type in your getstamps promo code.
  • Click on the red Go tab.
  • Complete the profile, membership and chose supplies sections.
  • In the profile section you will be creating login credentials (username and password) including registering your name, telephone number, and physical address.

When you have successfully signed up for the program use all of the services for 4 weeks.  If you are satisfied with everything that is offered continue using it.  If you are not satisfied the option to cancel is available within the 4-week trial period:

How Everything Works

After you print your postage, drop your letters and packages into any mailbox or hand them to your mail carrier or schedule a USPS pick-up.  That’s all there is to it.  The monthly fee $17.99.

Stamps.com Details and Benefits

  • Print postage on demand 24/7
  • Send everything from postcards to packages worldwide right from your home or office
  • No special equipment needed
  • Instantly print official USPS approved postage for any amount or mail class
  • Print postage on labels, envelopes, plain paper
  • Receive postage discounts
  • Save up to 50% compared to a postage meter



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