WhatsApp Introduces Editing Feature To Chats


WhatsApp finally introduces editing feature to chats. Have you ever sent a message on WhatsApp and wished you could edit it instead of deleting it? Well, now you can. WhatsApp has announced an editing feature that allows users to alter messages up to 15 minutes after they have been sent.

WhatsApp Introduces Editing Feature To Chats
WhatsApp Introduces Editing Feature To Chats

The editing feature is rolling out globally and should become available to all users in the coming weeks, the platform said in a blogpost. The feature can be activated by pressing down on a message and selecting “edit” from the pop-up menu that appears.

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WhatsApp Editing Feature

Messages that have been edited will have an “edited” notification displayed alongside them. Although the edit history will not be shown so you cannot view what the post said before it was altered. This means you can correct a simple misspelling, add extra context. Or change your tone without leaving any trace of your original message.

WhatsApp said the editing feature is meant to give users more control over their chats. And to avoid confusion or embarrassment caused by errors or misunderstandings. The feature is also end-to-end encrypted, like all other WhatsApp communications. Ensuring the privacy and security of users.

WhatsApp is not the first messaging app to offer an editing feature. Competing apps such as Telegram and Signal already allow users to edit messages. While Twitter rolled out the ability to edit tweets to select users last year. However, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, with over 2 billion users. So the editing feature is likely to have a significant impact on how people communicate online.

The editing feature is one of the latest changes that WhatsApp has made to improve its service and attract more users. The platform has also introduced features such as disappearing messages, voice messages speed control, multi-device support, and sticker suggestions in recent months. WhatsApp is owned by Meta, formerly known as Facebook, which also owns Instagram and Messenger.

How To Activate Whatsapp Editing Feature

To activate the editing feature on your phone, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp conversation you want to edit.
  • Long tap the message you want to edit.
  • Select the “Edit” option from the menu.
  • Make the changes you wish to, and tap the “Done” button.
  • It will save your changes, and the edited message will show in the conversation with an “edited” label.

You can only edit messages for up to 15 minutes after sending them. You can also edit messages that contain media, such as photos or videos.

Can I Edit Messages In WhatsApp Group Chats

Yes, you can edit messages in group chats as well as individual chats. The same steps apply for editing messages in group chats. However, you need to be a group admin to change the group settings to allow only admins to edit group info, send messages, or approve participants. Otherwise, any group participant can edit their own messages within 15 minutes of sending them. You cannot edit messages of other participants, but you can copy and edit them before forwarding them.

How Do I Know If Someone Has Edited Their Message?

You can know if someone has edited their message by looking for an “edited” label next to the message timestamp . This label indicates that the message has been altered after it was sent. However, you cannot see the original message or the edit history, only the final version of the message .


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