4 Ways to Make Yourself Happy in 10 Minutes or Less in 2023 


How can I make myself happy in 10 minutes or less in 2023? Our happiness depends upon ourselves. Well, there are different ways to make you happy according to researchers.

Ways to Make Yourself Happy
Ways to Make Yourself Happy

You can make yourself happy by reaching a mountain summit after an arduous hike or eating a perfect ice cream cone on a hot summer day. 

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4 Ways to Make Yourself Happy in 10 Minutes or Less in 2023

If you are feeling a little down lately, you are not alone. It is very essential you take care of yourself, mostly in extra-troubling times. 

Make sure you keep an eye on your mental state of mind as it can be key to your overall wellness. 

You don’t know how great you can be, how much you can love, what you can accomplish, and what your potential is.  You need to forget any sad moments and let love lead in your heart. 

How to Feel Happier 

These are the four steps that resonated most with me, and you can do any of them in about 10 minutes at any time of the day.

Stay Around the Person You Love Most or Plan Minutes Call with Them

There is this feeling of love. When you are with the right person, I mean the person you are destined to be with, everything feels exciting and new. Even if someone gets you angry, once you see the one person you can’t stay long away, you forget every sad moment.

So, the number one easiest way to be happy in a minute is to be in love with the right person.  I have been in this state, so am writing through experience. You can’t wait to see them again – even when they have just left. Indeed, love is a beautiful thing everyone needs to experience. 

In case they are far from you, call them long a few minutes call. Harvard research has shown, most conversations go on too long – often longer than either party would prefer. So, a phone call can settle lots of things. 

Talk to Stranger 

Talking to people whom you don’t know makes you feel better and happy. Why? Because those people don’t know anything about you, so you feel more comfortable and like pouring your heart. 

However, research has shown that starting a conversation with a stranger increases our happiness, even when we don’t expect that it will. 

Listen to the happy song and practice New Steps Dance 

There is this music repeating over and over again in your head, play it. It can also connect you to a happy memory. Then find a happy dancing step to it, and make yourself happy with it.

Once you feel depressed, always remember you are specially and wonderfully made, and there is no other caption like you. So, look in the mirror, tell yourself am beautiful and dance new steps.

Send someone a thank you message/Make someone Happy Helping when in need 

According to research, this straightforward act of gratitude brings about instant delight for both the one expressing it and the person receiving it. Therefore, even though this step isn’t the simplest, it might also be the most crucial.

Making others happy is another way to make yourself happy. Am writing from experience, it makes you feel happier than those you make happy. You can send someone a message of thank you for something they have done for you or surprise them with a gift. Helping others is one of the keys to self-happiness. 


However, if you feel depressed and need someone to talk to, you can google the substance abuse and mental health services administration (SAMHSA) to talk with. 

At the end of the week, ask yourself if these small steps made you feel better than you would have without them. If the answer is yes, should you make them part of your routine every week?


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