Visa Bulletin August 2022 Predictions


As we are already in July, this means that the Visa Bulletin August 2022 and Predictions will soon be available. The 2022 July Visa Bulletin was not that hopeful for many with a minimal movement over the board of India.

Visa Bulletin August 2022 Predictions
Visa Bulletin August 2022 Predictions

There was no change for India EB3 for final action date(s) for filing application as expected. The date of the final action for India EB3 was advanced by 3 months. And the date for filing applications has been moved forward just by 1 month.

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Visa Bulletin August 2022 Predictions

Are you wondering if the August 2022 Visa Bulletin will indicate more movement in prior dates? Then read this article to know what my team predicted to be expected in the upcoming bulletin.

August 2022 Visa Bulletin Predictions

Below are the predictions for the upcoming visa bulletin this year 2022:

India EB3

It has been at a single spot for months for both the final action date and dates of filing application. This has left a lot of people wondering if they will see any movement in August, or in the following months.

Currently, we don’t believe that EB3 will have much movement in August 2022. Though, there may be a little advancement by 1 month for both the final action date and dates of filing application. The month, September 2022 may bring more movement for EB3.

August 2022 Visa Bulletin Predicted Priority Dates for India EB3
  • Final Action Date – Feb 8, 2012
  • Date of Filing Application – Feb 15, 2012

India EB2

There has been slight movement for India EB2 every month. So, you should expect to see another movement for this category. We made an estimate that both the final action date and the date of filing application will advance by at most 3 months.

You should take note that there is no indication that there will be a retrogression for India EB3 for FY 2022. The USCIS has stated that they are in good position to utilize all the available EB visas for FY 2022. This means that people will likely see forward progress moving forward into FY 2023.

August 2022 Visa Bulletin Predicted Priority Dates for India EB2

Final Action Date – April 1, 2015

Date of Filing Application – April 15, 2015

Green Card Applications Transferred to NBC (National Benefits Center)

There has been reports that I-485 applications transferred the NBC have been quickly processed, some for just 33 days. This is good news for people who have reached their priority date and have already sent in their applications and fees.

It isn’t too sure whether or not having your application go through NBC is the reason for quick processing. But we will monitor this movement over the next months. Do you have any August 2022 Visa Bulletin Predictions? You can share your thoughts and read others thoughts waiting for their priority dates on Trackitt’s August 2022 Visa Bulletin forum.


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