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Still asking the question, “Does USAA Have Pet Insurance?” Then your answer is just right here. This pet insurance is specially made for current USAA members, and it is often regarded to as Military Pet Insurance.



With this insurance, the health and wellbeing of your pet is protected. Hereby increasing the life span of your dog, cat, or other pets.

Does USAA Have Pet Insurance

Thid policy grants members coverage for virtually all kinds of dogs or cats with chronic, genetic, and congenital health conditions after a diagnosis is carried out.

Also, members get coverage for their pets if they get sick or injured. USAA insurance offers pet health insurance that is very cheap. This can save members money even after visiting the vet for as low as a dollar per day.

USAA Pet Insurance

Just as the name implies, this is specially for pet whose owners are members of USAA. This insurance saves costs and offers cheap range of policies making it eligible for the pet owners to enjoy multiple discounts and other offers.

One other amazing thing about the insurance is that it is in partnership with a renowned pet insurance company called Embrace Pet Insurance. And they offer all kind of medical attention to your pets need according to the owner budgets.

How Much Does USAA Pet Insurance Cost?

The overall pricing is generally affordable with a monthly rate as low as $8 each month for cats while about $13 for dogs. Wellness coverage is also offered at a flat rate for all kind of pets regardless of age or breed.

USAA Members Benefits

For USAA Members, they get the opportunity to enjoy 15% off their policy. Members with more than one pets or current/former active-duty military may qualify for extra savings with a maximum discount of 25%.

Below is a list of the cost to take care for your pet:

  • If your pet eats poison, you could spend more then $900
  • Pet suffering from heat stroke, the treatment for this ailment cost more than $1350
  • Swallowed objects will cost pet owners about $1450
  • Surgery of any kind costs above $1000

What USAA Pet Insurance Covers

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Diagnostic testing and imaging
  • Prescription drugs
  • Alternative therapies and rehabilitation
  • Chronic conditions
  • Surgery, hospitalization and nursing care
  • Cancer treatment
  • Emergency room and specialist care
  • Breed-specific conditions
  • Congenital conditions

What is not Covered

  • DNA testing or cloning
  • Injury or illness resulting from fighting, racing, cruelty or neglect
  • Cosmetic procedures, such as tail docking, ear cropping and dew claw removal, unless medically necessary
  • Preexisting conditions
  • Breeding, whelping and pregnancy
  • Injury caused deliberately by you or any other person or pet residing in your home
  • Stem cell therapy not deemed medically necessary

Routine Care Pets Gets From USAA Insurance

Members can earn a wellness reward that can be redeemed for the following:

  • Grooming and training
  • Routine blood work
  • Microchipping
  • Flea, tick and heartworm treatment
  • Vaccinations and titers
  • Spay or neuter surgery


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