Unskilled Jobs In Canada With VISA Sponsorship


There are several Unskilled jobs in Canada with VISA Sponsorship waiting for you to apply. Unskilled labor is a job that needs relatively little or no training for satisfactory performance. However, these unskilled job offers will benefit the majority of Nigerians, Indians, Filipinos, and Indonesian immigrants. It is available for those who are ready to apply for unskilled employment in Canada as a result of the recent immigration reforms.

Unskilled Jobs In Canada With VISA Sponsorship
Unskilled Jobs In Canada With VISA Sponsorship

Unskilled Jobs In Canada With VISA Sponsorship

This job visa is sponsored by a job bank, they need full-time employees with a salary worth $300.00 – $6000.00 per month in Canada.

According to employment specialists, the country is experiencing a severe labor shortage across the nation. So, there are lots of open certain unskilled jobs in Canada for foreigners such as truck drivers and taxi drivers’ jobs.

List Of Unskilled Jobs In Canada For Foreigners

If you are wondering about the type of unskilled jobs to get with visa sponsorship in 2022, below are the top common job to expect.

  • Cleaner
  • Fish Cutter
  • Bakery Production Worker
  • Meat Cutter/Butcher
  • Kitchen Helpers
  • Poultry Farm Worker
  • Gas Surgeon
  • General Farm Worker
  • Registered Practical Nurse
  • Dishwasher
  • Chefs/Cooks
  • Supermarket Staffs
  • Room Attendant
  • Housekeeper
  • Live-in Caregiver
  • Factory Helper
  • Construction Worker

How To Get Unskilled Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship

It is very easy to get unskilled jobs in Canada with Visa sponsorship with two requirements which are listed below.

Naturally, Canadian citizens can easily apply for any job that does not require skills. But those who are not citizens r residents must first apply for foreign worker immigration to Canada.

In that case, the employee must:

  • Have a positive LMIA before an employee may apply for a work visa
  • Be responsible for the employees traveling and visa costs.

Furthermore, multinational firms are the most competent companies in Canada offering sponsorship.

Requirements For Unskilled Jobs In Canada For Foreigners

  • You must be satisfied and match the job description.
  • You must have the ability to study and communicate in English (French is an added advantage).
  • Minimum education: Technical knowledge.
  • The age bracket should be (21 to 39).
  • Valid passports and other necessary papers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Country Pays High Salaries For Unskilled Workers?

On several real minimum wage studies, Australia is often nominated as the country entry with the highest minimum hourly wage e. However, they pay USD15 per hour.

Does Canada Accept Unskilled Workers?

Canada’s economy is thriving, in larger part due to unskilled workers. However, the Canadian government has made various programs to make it easier to hire foreign workers for jobs in Canada that cannot be filled by Canadians that cannot be filled by citizens.

How Do You Get A Canadian Employer To Sponsor You?

It is said that foreign workers must obtain an LMIA or submit an electronic job offer. However, once an employer secures an LMIA or the “A” number, it can be used to apply for a Canadian work permit.

Which Workers Are Usually Unskilled?

Those workers who are usually unskilled are those who involve manual labor such as packagers, assemblers, apprentices, or farm workers.

What Are The Most Unskilled Jobs?

Some of the top unskilled jobs include fast food workers, line operators, messengers, information desk clerks, and more.


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