Unicard Credit Card – Check Uni Pay 1/3rd Credit Cards


Unicard Credit Card is a wonderful card issued by Universal Card Corporation. It was founded in 2009, and it is the most popular loyalty card in Georgia. The card has great features and it is perfect for someone who wants to save money but is not a big spender.

Unicard Credit Card
Unicard Credit Card

The Uni card has an app that can be used for payment, the card has no annual or joining fee.

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Unicard Credit Card

The pay later card named Uni Pay 1/3rd card let you divide your monthly bill into three equal parts and pay them in the next three months without any extra cost.

This card is not like other regular credit cards, it has no interest charged even if you clear your bill in three months. In this post, you will see some of the benefits of the Uni credit card.

Unicard credit card Benefits and other Features

Once you get this card, here are some of the sweet benefits to enjoy:

  • Earn 1% cash back on your Uni credit card bill if you pay the bill n full
  • Bills are split into three equal payments for 3 months without extra fee or interest
  • Lifetime free credit card
  • No annual or joining fee
  • You can make payment from the Uni card app
  • Make 1/3rd payment for groceries, fashion sales, emergency bills, etc.
  • Earn cashback of 1% all on the retail spending
  • Unicard credit cards can be used at all merchant outlets.
  • It also gives a guarantee to return money if an extra fee is charged from you without your knowledge
  • Minimum credit limit for UNI Cards is INR 20000 and the maximum credit limit is up to INR 6 Lacs.

Additionally, another new feature might come that gives you a Zomato pro membership for 3 months.

Eligibility Principles for Uni Credit Cards

  • For you to qualify for the Unicard credit card, you must b at least 25 years
  • The maximum age to apply for this card is 60 years.
  • You must be a resident of India for you to apply
  • You must also have a stable income before you can apply.

How to Apply for Uni Credit Card – Uni App

Now you know the requirement, here are the processes to apply. Moreover, you can easily apply for the card via the Unicard application. The application is available on the IOS store and Play Store. The first thing is to get the app.

  • Get your devices and go to your App Store
  • On your store, click on the search bar and type in “Uni Cards”
  • Once it’s a complete installation, click on apply for a card.
  • Once you get the app, you can follow the onscreen process to apply.
  • You will need a selfie and an Aadhar card, for you to authenticate the application.
  • Check the eligibility and complete the KYC.

You can see the virtual card and in 5-7 working days, you will receive your UNI Card at your address.

Uni Pay 1/3rd Card Credit Limit

The Unicard credit card limit is IN20000 and it goes to a maximum of INR 6 Laces. However, the exact limit will be decided based on your credit score and your income. It means if your earning high and have a good Cibil score of 750 and above then, you will easily get approved for the card.

Uni Card Customer Service Number

If you have any issues in getting your card, you can call customer service at Unicard credit card for help. Their number is s 08068216821.

However, Universal Card Corporation’s head office resides in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, 0186, 71 Vazha-Pshavela Ave.


What are UNI cards?

The Full Meaning of Uni cards is Universal Card Corporation. It is issued by Uniorbit Technologies in collaboration with the RBL Bank, State Bank of Mauritius, and Liquiloans which offer numerous benefits to its users.

What is the maximum credit limit of a UNI card?

The maximum credit limit is up to INR 6 Lakh on your UNI card.

What is the minimum age required for UNI cards?

To apply for a UNI credit card, you need to be at least 25 years of age.

Is it safe to use UNI cards?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use UNI cards as they come with data safety and encryption so that no one can misuse the card.

How do I close Unicard?

To cancel a lost Unicard, please send an email to the Unicard-Support Koblenz. To do so, please send an Email and use your university-mail account to prove your identity

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