Too Hot to Handle – Here is What the Application Process Looks Like


The premise of this Netflix reality series Too Hot to Handle seems harmless enough. On this program, a group of attractive strangers is gathered and sex stranded on an island to stand a chance in winning $100,000. The only caveat or hindrance is that they must refrain from hooking up long enough to secure the funds.

Too Hot to Handle

This means that, there is no kissing, sex, deep touching, self-gratification (masturbating) and other sexual connections. In true reality TV fashion, things get messy and wild. But being there means there must be a system of application.

Too Hot to Handle

As I have said earlier, this is a reality show where a group of determined singles visit the paradise to meet, mingle, and remain celibate for a chance to win the take home funds.

Currently, the program is on the third (3rd) season, and still ongoing. Locations of the previous seasons are Punta Mita, Mexico – season 1, Turks & Caicos Islands – season 2 and present. Its original network provider host is Netflix, so you can get to turn on your Netflix and watch the program right away.

The executive producers of the show are currently Viki Kolar, Jonno Richards, Ed Sleeman, and Leon Wilson. And production companies include talkback, and Thames.

How to Apply

The applications process is same as that of other reality TV shows. This means that there’s an audition and a testing process. The producers and creators want to get a good mixture of contestants to ensure they mesh well with the other competitors. So, there are few traits that will get you to the top of the application list.

It is not enough to just look young and hot to be qualified for the program. Meaning you will have to be relationship-adverse as well. After all, it is much difficult to try to win the $100,000 if you are interested in over one person in the game.

Too Hot to Handle Reality Show

The first season has 14 contestants, season 2 had 10, and season 3 also had 10. Though, more participant of maybe 3-4 are later added during the end time of the program. It looks like the more popular the show becomes, the harder it is to secure a spot among the contestant.

Most of the contestants are not given much info about the rules of the game. It was noted by Marie Claire that when the show was first filmed, they didn’t even use the real title to keep the contestant totally in the dark. They were told that it would be a partying show with lots of single people having sec, and having fun time of their lives.

Too Hot to Handle Registration

When Netflix is in search for contestants, there is an easy way to shoot your shot in having a spot. You just have to head over to the website to get registered.

First of all, you should have recorded a video of yourself showing your personality and smiles. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Launch your web browser
  • Visit the official website
  • Click on See All Netflix reality Series
  • Select Too Hot to Handle
  • Then click on Submit your 1-minute video
  • Select Too Hot to Handle again, and click on Next
  • Enter your first name, last name, pronouns (optional), and email. Then click Next
  • Enter into your social media handles. Keep in mind this is an optional process
  • Click on Upload Video
  • Select the file and click submit
  • You will be mailed if qualified for the next process

Chances are that if you are chosen for the show, you might not get to know at first. It turns out that a contestant on Season 3 of the show though they would audition for a program called Pleasure Island, so clearly being adaptive is a major key.

As of now, there has been no word or rumors on filming for season 4, but the season 3 has gotten to 10 episodes to take us over until then. It would take long to binge the entire season, but all three seasons of the program is currently streaming on Netflix. To download the movie, you can drop some comments.

Season 1 Cast

Name Age Country
Bryce Hirschberg 29 Venice, California
Chloe Veitch 21 Essex, England
David Birtwistle 28 London, England
Francesca Farago 27 Vancouver, Canada
Harry Jowsey 22 Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Kelechi “Kelz” Dyke 27 London, England
Lydia Clyma 22 Portsmouth, England
Nicole O’Brien 23 County Cork, Ireland
Rhonda Paul 27 Atlanta Georgia, USA
Sharron Townsend 25 Camden, New Jersey, USA
Kori Sampson 23 Plymouth, England
Madison Wyborny 20 Los Angeles, California, USA
Matthew Smith 29 Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA
Haley Cureton 20 Jacksonville, Florida, USA



  • Bryce Hirschberg
  • Chloe Veitch
  • David Birtwistle
  • Francesca Farago
  • Harry Jowsey
  • Kelechi “Kelz” Dyke
  • Lydia Clyma
  • Nicole O’Brien
  • Rhonda Paul
  • Sharron Townsend

Season 2 Cast

Name Age Country
Marvin Anthony 26 Paris, France
Cam Holmes 24 Newport, Wales
Carly Lawrence 24 Toronto, Canada
Chase de Moor 24 Seattle, Washington, USA
Elle Monae 25 Washington, D.C., USA
Emily Miller 27 London, England
Joey Joy 23 Miami, Florida, USA
Melinda Melrose 28 New York City, USA
Nathan Webb 27 Dallas, Texas, USA
Tabitha Clifft 22 London, England
Larissa Trownson 28 Auckland, New Zealand
Christina Carmela 30 Cape Town, South Africa
Robert Van Tromp 29 London, England
Kayla Carter 24 Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Peter Vigilante 21 New York City, USA


  • Marvin Anthony

Season 3 Cast

Cast member Age Residence
Beaux Raymond 24 Kent, England
Harry Johnson 29 Middlesbrough, England
Nathan Soan Mingomezulu 24 Cape Town, South Africa
Georgia Hassarati 26 Brisbane, Australia
Brianna Giscombe 28 California, USA
Gerrie Labuschagné 26 Johannesburg, South Africa
Holly Sacrfone 23 Colorado, USA
Izzy Fairthorne 22 Manchester, England
Jackson Mawhinney 29 London, England
Obi Nnadi 22 Toronto, Canada
Olga BednarskaJaz Holloway 24 Surrey, England
Steven Ditter 26 Los Angeles, California, USA
Patrick Mullen 29 Hawaii, USA
Jaz Holloway 25 Virginia, USA
Robert “Truth” DuVaun 23 Texas, USA


  • Beaux Raymond
  • Harry Johnson

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