Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Speaking of Privacy Policy, Information of users that is personal can always be collected in several different categories. This can be done through several different social media or links on websites. For instance, if you as a visitor visited our site through a link we can be as well gather vital information we want through that link you used in visiting our site. This goes alongside other social media and will never share or give out your personal information to a third party.

Alert a friend about

Our link can be shared by you to friends and colleagues and pass more information to them about A means of sharing information with your friends has been developed by us. This means can allow you to share our links with your friends. We will always make sure we give out our best and wonderful support to all our visitors both old and new ones who just visit or have been visiting our site.

New visitors can be welcomed by you using a welcome message on behalf of us. is not going to send out any information consigning you out to third parties. You can also send visitors a message via email right from your email or cell phone using your contact list. Take note is not going to ask you to import to our site your contact list. This is because messages sent by you to visitors are out of your own cost because data consumption on your cell phone is not controlled by us.

Personal Data Inspection

Data is known and referred to as information of users. This information is gotten and kept in several different ways. Inspections are done with the help of both administrators and outsiders on the operation of visitors on the site. There is also some vital information that that in the inspection on the data sent by your browser. the administrator manages the inspection done on our site.

How Data is Being Treated by Us

Base on the updates of our contents and daily increase in numbers of visitors on our site. each and everyone’s opinion and part of interest is shown to us from our cookies policy. A treat is always sent automatically to visitors who just visit for the first time and this treat is sent to their PC and the device you used is being identified. The connection you are using and the page visited by you is being explained more by the treats.  So it’s not easy for us to track every operation in

Owner of this Data processing System