Oculus Quest 2 Review – The Most Advanced New All-in-One VR


Looking for a VR headset to buy? Without wanting to spend much money on the best PC-based Valve Index, this Oculus Quest 2 Review is the right VR headset you would want to get. It is created by Oculus VR which is a brand of Facebook Technologies released on May 21st, 2019. This product offers easy access to exactly what makes VR so special offering a high-quality virtual reality experience for a fair price of range $299 – $399. Offers users access to a game world, as well as 360-degree video content and apps.

Oculus Quest 2 Review
Oculus Quest 2 Review

Oculus Quest 2 Review

Originally, it was first a thing on the Oculus Quest 1. But Facebook has revealed its brand-new VR headset Oculus Quest 2 which has more improved access than the first Quest version.

It is set to be released on the 13th of October coming with two different models which are the 64GB and the 256GB model. This device has an increased resolution of 1832*1920 per eye as well as support for a 90Hx refresh rate. It is capable of 72Hz like the original headset and an experimental 90Hz feature for system software like Home and the Browser.

Oculus Quest 2 Feature

The device comes with a shift from dual OLED displays to a fast switch LCD, equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor and 6GB of RAM.  Has a 2 to 3 hours playtime. It also features a new strap system. This takes some time to get used to but provides a more secure and comfortable fit. Comes with an adjustable lens inside the headset allowing you choose between three different ocular distance (58, 63, and 68mm).

Features of Oculus Quest 2

This Oculus Quest 2 will make available additional features that are compared to its predecessor. Other than boasting 50% more pixels than the Oculus Quest 1, the Oculus Quest 2 will be featuring a new controller ergonomics.

Via its unique design, it will be lighter than the Quest 1 as well. There will be access to Quest games on the device, for users who want to use existing apps on the new Quest. Quest 2 requires your Facebook account to log in, bringing connection with your friends at ease in VR and discovering communities around the world. You are to create a unique VR profile to explore as yourself (name can be changed in the VR profile).

Model and Price

The Quest 2 model comes in two different versions which include the 64GB model and the 256GB, model. According to the models, you ought to know the prices for each will vary due to the space change. The price for the 64GB model will range from $299, while that of the 256GB model will cost about $399.

What is included?

Added to the Quest 2 device, there are other accessories to make your experience with the device more outstanding. Below are the listed accessories you get by purchasing the device:

  • VR Headset.
  • Charging cable.
  • Power adapter.
  • Two touch controllers.
  • Glasses spacer.
  • Two AA batteries.

Specifications for Quest 2

To be fully equipped, here is the general specification of the Oculus Quest 2.

  • Dimension: 191.5mm*102mm*142.5mm (when strap is folded in), and 191.5mm*102mm*295.5mm (when strap is fully opened up).
  • Weight: 503g.
  • Storage: 64GB model and a 256GB model.
  • RAM: 6GB.
  • IPD: Adjustable IPD with a three-adjusting setting for 58, 63, and 68mm.
  • SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform.
  • Display panel: Fast switch LCD.
  • Resolution: 1832*1920 per eye.
  • Refresh rate: 72Hz at launch; and a 90Hz support to come.
  • Audio: Integrated speakers and microphone and also compatible with 3.5mm headphones.
  • Tracking: It supports 6 degrees of freedom head and hand tracking through an integrated Oculus Insight technology.
  • Charge time: Quest 2 will charge to a full battery at about 2.5 hours with the provided USB-C power adapter.
  • Battery life: Users are to expect between 2 to 3 hours of use time based on the activities dome on the Quest 2. Games can go on for a 2 hours interval while 3 hours for watching a movie. But either way, you can always check on the battery life in the Oculus App setting or in VR via Oculus Home.

Here are the specifications you can expect from this device yet, but other specifications will be known after you have made your pre-order and gotten yours shipped to you.

Oculus Quest 2 Pre-Order

There are different pre-order weblinks, but rest assured the number one site to make your pre-order for your Oculus Quest 2 is the official Oculus website at https://www.oculus.com/.

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