New Jobs in Canada 2023 – Apply Now


Seeking for New Jobs internationally, you should consider checking Canada this 2023. Canada is going to be a job-finding country for foreign individuals this year in 2023. If you have no experience, but still want to work in Canada then below are the top job occupations in Canada to get easily hired this year.

New Jobs in Canada
New Jobs in Canada

List of New Jobs in Canada Without Experience Requirement

Below are some job occupations in Canada that are seeking applications from interested applicants from all over the world:

Seasonal Nursing Workers

Working seasonally in agricultural industry is a major attraction for lots of people. This is because the job doesn’t require any experience at all. However, you can work seasonally and build up your portfolio as time goes on. This job also provides on-site training for applicants. The primary responsibility of a Seasonal Nursing Workers is to indulge in agricultural work.

You are required of good physical strength to be considered fit for this job. The job requires carrying of heavy tools and also working during adverse weather conditions. The average annual salary paid to Seasonal Nursing Workers in Canada is about $26,325 – $35,100. You can submit your resume (CV) for a seasonal nursing worker job in Canada, and can find those jobs here.

Kitchen Helper Jobs

The job of a Kitchen Helper is among the most wanted jobs in the services industry. You are required to handle different tasks and activities which includes cleaning, taking orders, dishwashing, and food handling.

The Kitchen Helpers gets an average annual salary of about $26,000 – $48,000. You can submit your resume (CV) for a kitchen helper job in Canada, and apply now for those jobs here.

General Laborers

General Laborers are highly common in Canada. The best part is that there is no experience required for this job. Employees of this job are provided on-job training. You are required to have an understanding and ability to operate power tools, hand tools, and other machinery. So, you must have adequate physical strength for these operations.

This job requires you to be fast in what you do as you will be operating in a fast-paced environment. The annual average salary of general labor in Canada is about $26,325 to $35,367. Apply now for this jobs here.

Chefs/Cooks Jobs

There is rapid increased demand for chefs or cooks in the Canadian industry. Also, cooks are required at home of busy people.

So, you are required to know how to prepare over 5 types of dishes to be eligible. And you should be keen to learn more recipes. Employees may be required to cook a sample before hiring to judge the taste of your food. The average annual salary for cooks and chefs in Canada is about $42,170. Apply for a chef/cook job in Canada here.

Salesperson Jobs

There are various stores or brands you can work at as a salesperson. A salesperson job does not require any extensive experience. Though, you must have adequate convincing skills to increase purchases. Moreover, a salesperson must operate quickly as he/she may be required to attend to numerous customers at a time. They also require good communication skills, with politeness shown to the customers.

The average annual salary for this job is $69,226. Apply for a sales professional job in Canada here.

Poultry Farm Worker

Employees for this position requires good management skills to be eligible. They must be comfortable working among chickens and raw eggs. Workers may be required to maintain checks and balances records at the farm.

Anyone gunning for this job must have strong managerial skills to operate in this position. The average yearly salary for this job is about $31,834. And you can get to apply here.


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