MyRewardsCard – How to Activate My Rewards Card


With using the U.S. Bank Visa MyRewardsCard, users are offered a way to reward customers or employees with incentives that they actually want. Whether it is used to build company loyalty among staffs or to encourage repeat business from your customers, the Rewards Card for incentive programs provide the perfect tool for user’s business retention.



Employers are offered access to provide rewards that offer flexibility and control, and also finally get a way to offer incentives that motivate their employees. With the Visa Rewards Card supply, companies will gain a way to award and retain special employees, get attentions of busy consumers, build loyalty, enhance connections and more. This can be done all with the security, efficiency and cost-effectiveness that is required in an effective incentive program.


At the RPG Card Services, the platform serves as resource for the Visa Rewards Card, so that users have the incentive tool required to drive their business goals. Whether the Rewards Card is used to reward regular customers or exceptional employees, you will have a convenient, versatile, in-demand reward required to get this done.

The MyRewardsCard can be redeemed and used wherever the normal Visa Cards are accepted. It offers connections and drive revenue with smart incentive solutions for business incentive programs, loyalty programs, e-cards, etc.

Benefits of MyRewardsCard to Purchasing Client

  • It is for United States usage only
  • There is a 12-month expiration, so the card can be used for a year
  • Offers denominations ranging from $5.00 – $1,000.00
  • It offers a streamlined program approval process
  • Cardholder activation
  • There are in-house stock card inventories
  • Offers bulk and individual fulfillment options
  • Co-Brand options are available
  • It is a single issued card
  • Offers standard and expedited delivery capabilities

Benefits of MyRewardsCard to Cardholder/Recipient

  • The card is redeemable where Visa is accepted in the United States
  • There is a 24/7 toll-free cardholder support service
  • Offers web-based cardholder support service
  • There is availability of home and web-based balance inquires
  • Offers a lost/stolen replacement fee of $15.00
  • Online card registration is required for digital purchases
  • Provides online cardholder transaction summaries
  • Cardholder terms and conditions are included in the package

How to Activate My Rewards Card

The Rewards Card must be activated before it can be used. To activate the card, visit the website at        or call 855-274-9934 and follow the instructions. For the activation, you will need your 16-digit account number and 3-digit CVV at the back of your card.

How to use my Rewards Card to make Purchase

To make purchases at merchant locations, you will have to select Debit and enter PIN or select credit and sign in. The total purchase will automatically be deducted from the balance on your MyRewardsCard. For online purchase, you will have to provide your 16-digit account number and 3-digit CVV at the back of your card.

Does my Rewards Card expire?

Yes. This is provided at the “Valid Thru” date on the front of the myRewards Card. The Rewards Card will expire on the last day of the month displayed on the card. And after it has expired, all transactions using this card will be declined.

Do any fees apply to the Rewards Card?

Yes. You can check the enclosed Cardholder Agreement page for details.

How do I replace a lost Reward Card?

To replace a lost card, simply call 855-274-9934 and a representative will assist you on how to replace your Rewards Card. Keep note that fee applies.

MyRewardsCard Customer Service

For more information you can contact the platform at 888-774-0125


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