Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller – Connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC


What’s your take on Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller? The company’s first venture into the console business with Xbox was a learning experience for the company. There is no greater proof than the evolution of the system’s controller. The original Xbox controller was so oversized, with odd shapes and placed buttons. Roughly halfway through the console’s run, it was later replaced with the Controller S. This was the smaller alternative created for the Japanese launch.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller
Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller

Heralded as one of the best controllers ever created, Xbox fans are surprised by the improvement upon its design as Microsoft set out with the Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 Controller borrows design elements from Controller S. Both the left and right analog sticks and triggers, the control pad, and the face buttons are at the same spot. The new controller is an upgrade that takes users to a new world on a gaming controller.

Xbox 360 Controller

This is one of the best-designed and performing controllers currently in the market. It serves as a great third or fourth Xbox 360 controller. And when called upon, fills in perfectly as a PC gaming controller.

It has an instantaneous response time. The controller syncs with the system a bit faster than the wireless controller, and the force feedback is also stronger. On PC, Microsoft Xbox 360 Comptroller performs more than expected.

How to use Xbox 360 Controller on PC

Before this controller can be used on PC, users will have to download the software from Microsoft’s official site. After setting the controller to your PC with the software, it can work well with any controller-compatible game.

How to Connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC

Since you know it can be used on PC, and you might have to download the software from its official Microsoft page, let’s head to the connection steps:

  • Turn on the Xbox 360 by holding down the big Guide button in the middle of the controller.
  • Plugin the wireless receiver to your PC.
  • Install the Xbox 360 Controller software.
  • Sync the controller to the software on your PC.
  • Test run the controller.

And you are all set.


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