List of Card Games that Can Be Your Go-to Escape


List of Card Games that Can Be Your Go-to Escape. Card games are tremendously popular across the world. It may sound surprising, but games involving the use of cards have been around for a very long time. One of the oldest references to a card game is one from the ninth century that originated in China. In Europe, playing cards are said to have first appeared in the later part of the fourteenth century.

List of Card Games that Can Be Your Go-to Escape
List of Card Games that Can Be Your Go-to Escape

Over the ages, card games have evolved in spectacular ways. In today’s world, the traditional deck of playing cards is played in countless games. And there are innumerable games in which specific and unique sets of cards are used.

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List of Card Games that Can Be Your Go-to Escape

As more and more card games were invented. And, in turn, duly popularized, card games became their genre of games that people play offline and online. These games can be played as a pastime, competitively against rivals, or even against computers. Additionally, you can play for cash prizes.

Card games are highly thrilling as they combine elements of both luck and skill. Making for an experience that is intensely thrilling and vividly enjoyable. Given how card games are a favored choice for people to switch off from the world and destress, this blog takes you through some of the most popular card games you can play on your mobile phone or tablet.

Cube Solitaire 

Cube Solitaire is a game that is a variation of the classic Solitaire game, which used to be the rage before mobile phones took the world by storm. The format of Cube Solitaire is essentially the same as Solitaire, but with a few minor changes so that the game is more fun to play online. A standard deck of 52 cards of all four suits is used to play Cube Solitaire without the Joker cards. The game’s goal is to organize all the cards according to the descending order of King to Ace and then transfer them to the foundation pile in the order of Ace to King. Cube Solitaire can be played 1v1 or 1vN, and a game of Cube Solitaire lasts for three minutes. During those three minutes, a player must complete the given game objective or attain a higher score than their opponent to win.

Card Thief

This card game could be just the thing for those seeking a game that is a bit unconventional. Card Thief is a unique game that combines aspects of Solitaire with stealth in gameplay, resulting in a game that is as thrilling as it is challenging. In this game, the player takes on the role of a thief who has to navigate undetected through a castle on a mission to steal treasures. This game is played on a 3×3 board with a deck of cards. The player must create a path through the board to steal the myriad of treasures while avoiding getting captured by the castle guards. Players can use unique equipment cards to get out of troublesome situations they may find themselves in during the course of the game.

These are only a few of the virtually endless variety of card games that are available to play. There are numerous reasons why card games will never go out of style, as this article by Gamesver points out. In a world where choices are plentiful, there is sure to be at least one card game for every taste and preference.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game 

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is available on iOS and Android. The game has undergone several updates, which are not the same as during the launch. Players can expect to experience a unique tight game compared to the other card games available online. During the match, you will experience a power struggle between two people, but it isn’t about pounding the other player’s cards into dust or attacking them to get life points. The game is about scoring the best out of three, and whoever has the bigger number wins. 

Magic: The Gathering Arena 

Magic: The Gathering Arena is one of the biggest names in the card game genre, and the list cannot be complete without its mention. It is a digital collectible game and has taken the world by storm. If you are new to magic, you need not worry. The game provides a detailed tutorial to help newbies get accustomed to the controls and rules. You will get the hang of the game within a few seconds and start wielding the cards like a pro. The game comes with fifteen unique matching decks, immersive lore, multiple playstyles, and much customization. Overall, the game is full of mystical goodness. 


The UNO card game has always been a crowd favorite, and people have enjoyed playing this game across all ages. It is a game where players have to discard cards, and whoever can discard all of them wins the game. UNO requires printed cards that are unique from a regular deck. Typically, it features four suites of yellow, red, green, and blue cards. In a single UNO stack, there are 108 cards consisting of 24 action cards, 78 number cards, and 8 wild cards. You can install the online app on your device and compete against random online players or your friends. 


So, whenever you need a go-to escape, you can install these games and look forward to having a great time. These games can help relax your mind and make virtual friends. It will keep your mind engaged.


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