How to Become a Scrum Master & How does PSM Certification Training Help in It?


Do you know How to Become a Scrum Master? Scrum is a simple framework used to address complicated adaptive problems while in the product development/delivery phase. Scrum methodology and framework are becoming increasingly popular with product development teams and companies. Hence, this creates a lot of demands for employees who have a basic knowledge of scrum and agile frameworks. And also for the scrum masters to group and manage those employees as a team.

How to Become a Scrum Master
How to Become a Scrum Master

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Before trying to become a Professional Scrum Master, let’s first take a look at what a Scrum master actually is.

What is Scrum Master and How to Become a Professional Scrum Master (PSM)?

Scrum Master is an IT professional, who has extensive knowledge of the agile framework, scrum. And other related methodologies of product development. The scrum master is the individual tasked with managing, guiding and coaching the scrum team throughout the product development phase. A Scrum Master is also responsible for establishing and maintaining healthy and effective communication between all the stakeholders of the project.

To be a scrum master, the individual is required to have more than just the basic knowledge of scrum and agile environments. They must know how to lead the teams in the most effective way possible.

Professional Scrum Master courses and training provide you with all the skills and insights required to become a scrum master and establish your authority as a scrum master. PSM™ certification validates your talent globally and gives a boost to your career as a scrum master in agile.

What is professional Scrum Master (or PSM™) Certification?

The PSM™ (professional scrum master) certifications are awarded by, a nonprofit organization founded by Ken Schwaber (one of the co-creators of the scrum alliance), this certification helps the individual receiving it to prove and validate their unique skill set and knowledge in the Agile or Scrum environment on a global scale.

It indicates that the holder can react appropriately to various problems that may arise while working in the agile/scrum environment and know how to tackle those problems.

How to Get the PSM™ Certification?

The PSM™ certification is divided into three assessment parts – Professional Scrum Master™ I, Professional Scrum Master™ II and Professional Scrum Master™ III. With each consecutive level showing an advanced level of mastery in the scrum field. An individual needs to clear both level 1 and level 2 of PSM to take the last level – PSM III assessment.

The PSM™ – I (Professional Scrum Master Level 1) assessment can be taken by anyone around the world as this assessment has no prerequisites to undertake it. There is no requirement to attend a PSM course or PSM training online, but to clear the assessment one must at least have a fundamental level of being a Scrum Master. The applicant needs to score at least 85% in an hour-long exam of PSM.

If the individual is confident that they possess a certain level of scrum mastery, then they can try taking the assessment directly. But it is recommended to first attend an online PSM course or training to get the fundamental knowledge of Scrum Mastery. The training programs like the one by Knowledge hut is one of the best PSM Training online available for clearing the exam of PSM level I assessment.

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What is PSM™ Certification Training and What are Its Benefits?, the organization behind the PSM certification, has a Professional Training Network (PTN) program, members of which are identified and validated by to provide the PSM training in both online and offline settings. The PSM – I training program is normally 16 hours long live instructor-led online training session, divided into 2 to 4 days.

The training provides the individuals with all the knowledge and skills they need to become outstanding Scrum Masters and establish their authority in the field.

Although it is not compulsory to take a PSM certification training to take the PSM level 1 assessment exam, only if you believe that you can pass the exam without attending such training. But the organization gives a lot of emphasis on attending an online PSM training session first before applying for the examination as the organization believes that an individual only develops as an ideal scrum master via hands-on expertise provided in the PSM training sessions.

Here is the list of some of the benefits of taking an online PSM certification training

  • The training provides you with all the knowledge, skills and insights to become a top-notch scrum master. Which does not only increases your chances of getting a job but also boosts your confidence in your skills and lets you establish an authority for yourself.
  • It provides you with a deep understanding of the scrum and agile methodologies
  • Helps to prepares you for real-world challenges that you might face while managing your own scrum team, with the help of real-world Simulations and Activities.
  • PSM I exam fee is included in the training fees, and you also get an extra free attempt at the exam. In case you were not able to clear it on the first try. But you must take the exam no later than 14 days after completing the PSM training. Or you will have to again pay the exam fees.
  • Certified Professional Scrum Trainers will be the ones taking the live sessions in the PSM training. They will be available to help you clear all the doubts and problems you might face in your preparation for the PSM I exam.


PSM I training is perfect for any individual who wants to learn about the scrum and agile environment. And/or wants to work in this environment as a scrum master, developer or predict manager/owner. The course certification will help you a lot in achieving success in your career.

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