How Can You Prevent Your Child from Getting Cavities


Do you want to know How Can You Prevent Your Child from Getting Cavities?? Up to like 42% of children in the age group of 2 to 11 years have cavities in their baby teeth? The main cause of the cavities in children could be attributed to their poor oral health hygiene and bad food choices.

How Can You Prevent Your Child from Getting Cavities

Many factors can cause an increase in the prevalence of dental cavities, or cavities, the scientific term for dental decay. As a matter of fact, cavities are recognized by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention as the most common chronic childhood disease more common than asthma!

How Can You Prevent Your Child from Getting Cavities?

Nobody likes to deal with cavities. Tooth decay not only affects your health, but it is also painful to repair. The same is true for children. As a parent, if you don’t teach your children the importance of routine dental care, they could face some very uncomfortable dental procedures. To protect your child’s oral health, it is essential to understand the best ways to prevent dental cavities in children.

The good news is that cavities is preventable and can be arrested or even reversed if caught at an early stage. You may be saying, “My kids don’t eat candy, why do they have so many cavities?” Sweet treats like candy are one of the biggest causes of cavities, but they are not the only cavity-causing criminals out there!

When to See a Pediatric Dentist

Cavities in children can be extremely painful. Large cavities may show some signs and symptoms that can be easily spotted in children. But there are some cavities in their nascent stages that may show no signs and symptoms.

You may not be aware of the cavity that’s lurking in your child’s mouth in between the spaces of the teeth. That’s why it’s important to visit the pediatric dentist regularly, even when everything in your child’s mouth seems fine.

If your child experiences a mouth pain or toothache, you have to see your pediatric dentist as soon as possible. That said, adopting healthy kids dental care regime goes a long way in preventing cavities in children.

How Can You Prevent Your Child from Getting Cavities?

There’s nothing worse than subjecting your child to the whir of a dentist’s drill because simple oral hygiene habits were not followed. Sure, kids hate flossing as much as adults, but if we’re successful at instilling good behavior early on in life, those habits will provide them with a healthy mouth that will keep them smiling indefinitely. Ignore your teeth and they’ll go away, the old saying goes. Protecting your child’s teeth from cavities can be as simple as following a few simple recommendations.

Here are 5 easy things you can do to keep cavities from taking root in your child’s mouth.

Brush Using Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride is known to significantly reduce cavities in children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends using a tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste (about a grain size) for children below 3 years of age and a pea-sized amount for children between 3 to 6 years of age.

Inculcate Good Brushing Techniques

Follow these proper brushing techniques to prevent cavities in children:

  • Brush twice a day after meals with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Brush for at least two minutes per session.
  • Brush in tiny circles on teeth and gums.
  • Brush the tongue.
  • Focus on the teeth at the back while brushing because these are the ones that are at a high risk for cavity formation.
  • Floss teeth once daily.
  • Change the toothbrush every 3 to 4 months.

Visit Your Pediatric Dentist Regularly

Regular pediatric dental visits are a key factor in preventing cavities in children. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a dental visit as soon as your baby’s first tooth is visible or before the child turns one and every six months thereafter.

During pediatric dental visits, your pediatric dentist will examine your child’s teeth, and if required will take X-rays or get necessary treatments done.

Adopt Healthy Food Habits

If you want your child to stay free from cavities, you have to encourage good eating habits. Here are some food habits you can adopt:

Consume a lot of crisp, water-dense vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables have a high-water content that will keep your child’s mouth hydrated. The crispiness of the fruits and vegetables increases saliva production that inhibits bacteria from sticking to the teeth.

Avoid consumption of too many sugary foods like sweets, candies, sugary drinks, and starchy foods.

Limit the juice intake. The AAP recommends drinking 4 to 6 ounces per day for kids between 1 to 6 years of age and 8 to 12 ounces daily for children aged 7 to 18 years.

Treat Cavities Right Away

If your child develops a cavity, it’s important that you get it treated immediately. If it’s left untreated it may lead to childhood periodontitis. The pediatric dentist may remove the decayed part of the tooth and replace it with a dental filling.


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