Google Adsense Alternative – 16 Best Google Adsense Alternatives


Have you ever thought of any other Alternative to Google Adsense? Do you want to make an extra income from your blog and you are considering placing an advertisement on your website? You will need an advertising service which website publishers with online advertisers.

Google Adsense Alternative - Other Best Website Ads Platforms

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Google Adsense connect connects publishers and advertisers together. It helps sites owners to make money from their websites through displaying ads.

Google Adsense Alternative

Google Adsense is a program that is run by Google whereby website publishers in the Google network of content sites serve text and images etc. This is a good and popular tool for making money online through your website. There are different AdSense alternatives that you would love to check out.

What Is The Best Alternative To Adsense?

Google AdSense is one of the leading ways for bloggers to make money from their sites. But it does not mean it is the only choice, there are alternatives. Here are some lists of the best alternative to AdSense:

This is a direct AdSense competitor that is run by Yahoo and Bing. It is one of the largest ad networks and is used by different names all over the world.

It allows you to fabricate your content with exclusive access to searches from Bing and Yahoo.


This is also a large ad network service that offers a good range of adverts, sponsors links, and push notifications. It is a self-service platform that is easy to use with a good ad creator. The ad creator allows you to get your campaigns live with nominal pester.

How can I earn money other than AdSense?

You can also earn money other than AdSense. Here are the ways on how to earn money other than Adsense:

  • Affiliate links.
  • YouTube sponsorships.
  • Merch and products.
  • Sell T-shirts.
  • Sell e-books.
  • Sell digital products.
  • Sell courses.
  • Offer services.

These are the ways on how to earn money other than AdSense.

Is Google Adsense the best?

Google AdSense remains one of the best if not the best ad networks available. It is able to fill more ad space and it offers higher CPMs and produces better results than most other ad networks.

Google Adsense could be your highest earning ad network while another publisher gets better results from AdSense adds no additional value to your website or blog whatsoever.

Adsense ads can seriously damage your conversion rates. It is not great for your users that have to wait for your ads to load so they can read your post. It is the least profitable way to punch your blog unless you have loads of traffic.

16 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense has different alternatives and we will be listing 16 of them. Here are the lists of 16 best Google AdSense Alternatives:

  • PropellerAds.
  • Monumetric.
  • Revcontent.
  • AdThrive.
  • Mediavine.
  • InfoLinks.
  • Bidvertiser.
  • SHE Media.
  • RevenueHits.
  • Adcash.
  • BuySellAds.
  • Skimlinks.
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads.
  • Sovrn //Commerce.
  • Setupad.

And that’s it.

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