Fifa 22 – Official Football Game from EA SPORTS | Fifa 9th Series


The long-awaited Fifa 22 is here, and I’m sure some gamers have already grabbed their hands on their own edition. A lot of rumors have been on and on for a while, now it’s time to see for yourself what an addiction-loving game it is.

Fifa 22 - Official Football Game from EA SPORTS | Fifa 9th Series

A lot of features were added as an upgrade to the series. And trust you wouldn’t be disappointed with the new looks. If you’re a fan of the Fifa series, then you should get to read this article.

Fifa 22

Fifa 22 is an association football simulation game that’s is published by Electronic Arts as part of the Fifa series. This is the 9th installment of a video game in the Fifa series. The game can be played on both Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

The game is available in two editions which are that Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition. While the past Fifa series has a Champion Edition, this new Fifa doesn’t have one. People who made pre-order of the game’s Ultimate Edition are were offered a variety of bonuses and four days of early access.

Fifa 22 Intro

The ultimate cover features PSG (Paris Saint-German) player Kylian Mbappe. Here is another intro about the game:

  • Developers – EA Vancouver and EA Romania.
  • Publisher – EA Sports (Canada and Romania).
  • Series – FIFA.
  • Engine – Frostbite 3.
  • Platforms- PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, Google Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S.
  • Genre – Sports.
  • Modes – Single and Multiplayer.

And that’s it.

Fifa 22 Web App

You might be wondering what the web app is. If you are not familiar with this term, then you would want to know about it here. The Fifa 22 Web App is an online application that enables the game players to make edits to their Ultimate Team Club in the event they don’t have immediate access to their Xbox or PlayStation console.

The web app users are able to manage their team,  buy packs in the store and monitor the transfer market easily. Though, it’s not possible to play the game through the web app or companion app. But much of the game mode key administrative activities are available to users.

Fifa 22 Download

The game cannot be originally downloaded on any random website. So, if seen keep in mind it’s a mod application. EA Play and Origin Access members are eligible to download and play the game as of September 22, 2021. The EA Play subscription is available on Xbox, PlayStation, Origin, and Steam platforms.

The game can be ordered and bought online via your game consoles. Read the game intro above to know the available console that can access it. The game software js available on Online Shopping Stores already, so you can purchase your own.

Otherwise, you can pay online and download the game directly on your PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox, and other accessible consoles.

Fifa 22 Release Date

The game was formerly released on early access to EA Play members on the 22nd of September, 2021. But it has finally been released to everyone now. It was released on the 1st of October, 2021.

Fifa 22 PS4

As said before, the Fifa 22 game can be played on PlayStation 4 as well. Even as PS5 was launched, it’s not yet time to rule out the recent PS4. There are still new games launched and yet to be launched on the PlayStation 4 console as well.



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