Famous Companies That Use Outplacement Services and How It Helped Them


Famous Companies That Use Outplacement Services and How It Helped Them – Worker displacement is a rare but natural occurrence in a business’ life cycle. Employees who want to grow more as workers will have to leave their current comfort zones in search of greener pastures.

Famous Companies That Use Outplacement Services and How It Helped Them
Famous Companies That Use Outplacement Services and How It Helped Them

Unfortunately, only a few enterprises practice a smooth and more humane means of laying off employees – using outplacement services.

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Famous Companies That Use Outplacement Services and How It Helped Them

If you think partnering with outplacement firms is the right thing to do, so do these five famous companies that sealed their outgoing employees’ fate via the best means possible.

Historic Royal Palace

Historic Royal Palace is an independent, non-government organization that stewards some of the UK’s new palaces and historical landmarks. They also engage with managing the tourism aspect of these places. With their revenue model relying on tourist visits and popularity, Historical Royal Palace faces a constant problem with the fluctuating amount of employees.

With the desire to help their staff in furthering their career path, Historic Royal Palaces approaches outplacement firms. Outplacement services help Historic Royal Palaces by managing the exiting staff’s career development and becoming a reliable guide for them. This enables Historic Royal Palace to move on with its job, with its former employees’ fate becoming the least of their worries.

The Guardian

One of Britain’s oldest newspaper companies, The Guardian prided itself on journalism discipline that brings news to the door of its audience. However, seeing the market demand slowly moving away from the traditional paper, The Guardian had their employees assigned to new job positions. For those unable to make the online transition, the media outlet had no choice but to lay off employees with mismatching skills.

Today, the Guardian retains its journalism authority with its strong online presence. Outplacement services helped the news outlet give The Guardian’s employees the necessary training to enhance their technological assimilation.


IKEA is the largest DIY, furniture, and project-hobby retail company globally, garnering around 500 large retail stores worldwide. Despite its worldwide success with its 2021 global revenue amounting to 42 billion euros, the company also shuts its stores in locations with low revenue contributions. When that happens, proportionally, a thousand working individuals will lose their employment.

IKEA enrolls eligible employees in local outplacement firms even before redundancy happens. Outplacement services became an outlet for grievances and a beacon of support for the terminated workers. From the perspective of IKEA, outplacement firms were their solution to terminate workers because of inevitable circumstances ethically.


Hailing as a pioneer of fintech companies, Mastercard became a well-known brand due to its global financial services. Mastercard’s success stems from its ability to find the right talent for the right job. Eventually, their employees will reach growth, but they will continue to demand the fruit of their development.

Outplacement services help Mastercard by encompassing a viable exit process for the outgoing employees. In its way, this is Mastercard’s way of assisting their talented employees in transitioning and settling into their newfound job.


The National Health Service is a healthcare system service based in England. While public funds sustain the operations, the system is not safe from employees resigning from posts. Throughout the recent decade, England suffered from epidemics that caused a toll on the NHS. In effect, the emphasis on stress demoralized workers from continuing in this career. Currently, NHS partners with a couple of outplacement firms as a solution that will assist their former workers with the shift in their careers.


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