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Have you only ordered through DoorDash and never Dashed yourself? Then you may not have even heard of the DoorDash Red Card. However, if you are thinking about being a Dasher, then the Red Card is a part of something will have to know about and also use.

DoorDash Red Card

It is a credit card that Dashers use to make payment for their customers’ orders. This is a payment method used just like a credit card during checkout. The Red Card only contains the required amount needed for the customer’s order that is picked up. It cannot be used for other expenses like gas, tolls, and tips.

DoorDash Red Card – What is DoorDash Red Card?

The Red Card is what DoorDash drivers use to pay for some customers orders. Though, it cannot be used to pay for all orders, but every Dasher has one. It is issued to Dashers immediately they first begin as a Dasher during orientation. It is part of the DoorDash Activation Kit.

Dasher Account

Before you cab order for the Red Card, you will have to own an account on the Dasher’s website:

  • Go to
  • Enter your email address, and click on Next
  • Provide your phone number with the correct country code and click on Continue
  • You will be sent an OTP for number verification. Enter it into the box below
  • Provide your first name, middle name, last name, and password
  • Select your vehicle type. If it is a car, then you will be required to enter the car make, model, color and other information
  • Enter your social security number, driver license state, driver license number, click on Continue
  • Add bank details for payment
  • Click on Submit

After this, you will be prompt for your mailing address to receive your welcome or activation kit. The kit contains your red card, and an insulated hot bag.

Apply for Red Card

If you lost your original red card, then you can apply for a replacement card. DoorDash uses the United States Postal Service as its main shipping service. When you request for a replacement dash card you can choose between different shipping methods which are:

  • Standard: At no cost. You cannot get tracking info on the card’s ETA. “Better Safe Than Sorry”, order an additional card right now!
  • First Class Mail: 5-7 days. You have to pay $4.00 shipping cost and you will get a tracking number.
  • Priority Mail: 2-4 days. You have to pay $8.45 shipping cost and you will get a tracking number.

Apply for DoorDash Red Card

Activate My Red Card – DoorDash Red Card Activate

Just like every other credit card, this is the first and most important step. You can set up your card using your Dasher app available on iPhone or Android.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, then you are required to before continuing this step. Head to your application store on your phone, and download “DoorDash – Driver” app

  • Launch the application
  • Tap on the Menu on the top left corner and select Red Card
  • Enter your card’s delight number and last 4 digits
  • Follow the prompt

How to Report Your Red Card Lost:

For iOS phones:

  • Launch the app
  • Log in to the Dasher account
  • Click the account in the bottom bar
  • Tap the “lost your Red Card?” at the top of the page
  • Remove the lost Red Card from your Dasher account.
  • Tap, “Yes, it’s Lost” to confirm


  • Sign in to your driver app
  • Select the upper left-hand corner menu
  • Click account
  • Tap Red Card
  • On the next screen, tap “Mark as lost”

DoorDash Red Card Customer Service

To get to the customer service department, visit the website at Select your country, and you will be shown the customer support section of your country DoorDash service.

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