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Still having troubles with your credit card, here are some Credit Card FAQs you can check out. This article mainly focuses on Discover Card. You can find the different types of Discover cards, how to get a new card, how credit card works, etc., on this article.

Credit Card FAQs
Credit Card FAQs

What are the different types of Discover Cards?

Different Discover credit cards are available on the Discover it® website, a set of common benefits committed to be provided to customers. However, the rewards and some extra benefits are different from product to product to ensure all customers get what they need.

Below are the types of Discover Cards

  • Discover it® Cash Back:

Earn rewards at different platforms

  • Discover it® Miles:

Best for vacations

  • Discover it® Chrome Gas & Restaurants:

Earn rewards when making purchase on gas stations and restaurants

  • Discover it® Secured Credit Card:

Helps to build your credit history

  • Discover it® Student Cash Back:

students can earn rewards when they use the card at different places

  • Discover it® Chrome for Students:

Students earn rewards at gas stations and restaurants

  • NHL® Discover it®:

Get your favorite team on your card

How can I get a new credit card from Discover?

You can apply for a new Discover credit cards at the website Or by calling the toll-free number at1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683). Select either from cash back credit cards or travel credit cards. There are also different credit cards you can apply for. Note that you are required to be 18 or older before you can apply for a card. If you are below 21, then you will have to apply online for the student credit card. Discover Secured credit card customers can online apply online.

What credit score is needed to apply for a Discover Credit Card?

The credit score requirements vary by credit card you are applying for. In general, the standard Discover it® Card is majorly for customers with established and good credit. But the Discover Secured credit card is made for customers seeking to build or rebuild their credit with responsible use.

What should I know before applying online for a credit card?

If you are wondering how to get a credit card, then you can check your credit score with a free tool like the Discover Credit Scorecard. Then you should do some research and credit card comparison to get the one that is best for you.

It is always important to check if you are pre-approved to see the likely offers before you can apply for a card. Note that while checking if you are pre-approved your credit won’t be affected, and each full credit card application may impact your credit score.

How can I view introductory credit card offers and find the best new credit card offers for me?

You may receive credit card offers in the mail, by email or online with the 4-phrase invitation code. Then compare the offers by rewards, sign-up bonus, benefits, APR, fees and credit limits before applying. Look for the rewards programs that suits the way you spend.

How does a credit card work?

A credit card can be referred to as a revolving loan that can be used to make purchases. Every month, the user will receive a statement indicating how much of the loan that has been used and needed to be paid back. If you pay the balance in full by due date each month, you won’t be charged interest on purchases.

Otherwise, your APR will apply to your unpaid credit card balance and you will be charged with interest in your next bill statement. When you apply for a credit card, the issuer will get your credit report which can result in a hard inquiry, as one of the factors for application approval.

What is a credit limit for a credit card?

The credit card limit is the maximum amount of the revolving line of credit on the card. It is the total amount on the card that can be used for purchases, balance transfers, etc. When you apply for a credit card, the bank or credit card issuer uses a variety of information to decide the credit limit they can offer to you. As you use the credit card responsibly, your credit card limit may be increased.

How can I improve my chances for approvals and higher credit limits when I apply for a credit card?

Credit card companies consider several factors in their decision to approve your card application. Some of the factors include your credit history and ability to repay. So, the credit card issue may consider your credit score, income and other financial information. One of the simplest helpful credit habits is to ensure you pay in full your bill statement at the end of every month.

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