Tools and Equipment to Clean a Yoga Mat


Do you want to know How to Clean a Yoga Mat? Regularly cleaning your yoga mat will help remove dirt and germs. It will also help to reduce odors that can be caused by bacteria and sweat.

Clean a Yoga Mat
Clean a Yoga Mat

Germs can build up in your yoga mat when you sweat during the workout. So, it is good to care for your yoga mat regularly. Read on to find out how to keep a yoga mat neat.

How to Clean a Yoga Mat

Cleaning a yoga mat is very necessary because at the gym people tend to use the same mat you used. With this, it might develop germs through sweat.

Getting a yoga mat cleaner is very necessary and it is cheap and affordable.

How Do You Clean a Yoga Mat at Home?

Here are the steps on how to remove dirt from a yoga mat at home:

  • Mix warm water and a few drops of dish soap in a bowl.
  • Do not add too much soap.
  • Dip the rag into the soapy water and clean the mat from top to bottom.
  • Prioritizing dirty spots, using a circular motion.
  • Wipe the mat clean with a towel.

Do this thoroughly and you’re done.

How Do You Clean Your Yoga Mat Naturally?

If you use your yoga mat often you should consider using a mat cleaner after each practice. You may also want to give your mat a deeper clean every month. If you want to clean your yoga mat naturally you will have to follow these directions below:

  • Mix vinegar or witch hazel with water at a 1-to-4 ratio in your spray bottle.
  • If you would like your spray to be lightly scented, add 2 to 4 drops of essential oil into the bottle.
  • Cap your bottle and then shake lightly to combine.
  • Lay your mat out on a flat surface and spray all over with the cleaning mixture.
  • Using a clean towel, rub the cleaner into the mat in circular motions.
  • Allow your mat to dry unfurled, then flip it over to clean the other side in the same manner.
  • If possible, leave your mat to hang dry over the back of a chair or a porch railing for 12 hours.
  • Once your mat is dry to the touch, roll it up tightly and store it until needed.

And that’s it..

Tools and Equipment to Clean a Yoga Mat

If you want to remove dirt from a yoga mat you will need the following tools and equipment:

  • A spray bottle.
  • White vinegar or witch hazel.
  • Water.
  • Essential oils. Like tea trees, lavender, and lemongrass.

These are the equipment and tools you need.

Steps to Keep Your Yoga Mat Clean

A good yoga session clears your mind and calms your nerves and senses. Your yoga mat will always get dirty and it is good that you have the right cleaning equipment to keep it from dirt. Here are the steps to keep your yoga mat clean:

  • Daily cleaning for your yoga equipment.
  • Deep cleaning your mat.
  • Store your mat in a clean and dry place.

And your mat is good as new.

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