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If your aim is to build your credit card score, then the Chime Credit Builder Card is a great option for you. This credit card does not require a credit check, there are no late fees, foreign transaction fees, or interest charges. There are a lot of features that makes this credit card a genuine fee-free card for you.

Chime Credit Builder Card

It is required to open an account with Chime to use this credit card. And the account activity is reported to all three credit bureaus which can help you build your credit score. Read this article to learn more about this credit card, and some services it offers.

Chime Credit Builder Card

This credit card is best fit for: People who have limited credit who also want a secured card without fees, there is no minimum-security deposit, and also no credit check for approval.

Features of Chime Credit Builder Card

Some of the best features of this credit card includes:

There is no annual fee

Annual fee is not needed to use this card. Also note that there is no application fee or maintenance fees. There are other secured cards with no annual fees, some of them do charge yearly fee. When you have limited funds, then using this card is a smart idea as it fits the bill.

No Interest Charges

By default, interest is charged to a card when the cardholder doesn’t pay the balance in full by the set date of payment. This is usually a case with most unsecured and secured credit cards. The Chime Credit Builder Credit Card does not charge interest.

No fee for foreign transaction

There is no fee for foreign transaction which the card is used for international purchases. Other credit cards that charge foreign fee typically charge around 3%.

No credit checks

If you have limited credit, then getting an approval for a credit card can be challenging. This is because especially some card issuer requires credit check. The best part is that this credit card does not require applicants to undergo a credit check for approval. This is a benefit for applicants with minimal credit or low scores.

No minimum security deposits

Unlike most other secured credit cards, Chime Credit Builder Card does not require minimum security deposit. As there is no required amount, take note that your credit limit will be determined by the deposit made. For example, if you deposit $250 into the credit card, your limit will be $250.

Reports to all three credit bureaus

The card is a good option for people who want to build credit score or improve their existing credit. All account activities are reported to the three bureaus; Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. It also reports if your balance is paid on time each month and tracking late payments.

Security deposit can be applied to payment

A lot of secured credit cards hold on to the card user’s deposit, and they must pay their bill with separate funds. With this credit card, you can use your deposit toward payments. Keep in mind that your credit limit will reduce as you use your deposit funds.

Chime Credit Builder Card Login | Chime Login

If you have a credit card account online, then you can login anytime to use your funds, or monitor your transactions. Below is how you can login to the credit card online account:

Forgot your email address?

If you have forgotten the email address used during registration, then you can get it using the step below:

Forgot your password?

  • On the login page, click on Forgot your password?
  • This will redirect you to the Reset Account Password page
  • Enter your email address and last 4 of SSN
  • Click on Submit
  • A mail will be sent to your email
  • Click on the Reset password link on the mail
  • Enter a new password
  • Click on Reset

Chime Credit Builder Card Enroll | Apply for Chime Credit Builder Card

If you want to create an account for first time users, follow the step below:

  • Visit the website
  • Enter your first name, last name, and email
  • Click on Next
  • Solve the reCAPTCHA puzzle
  • Enter your date of birth and click on Next
  • Type in your mobile phone number (no VIOP), and click on Next
  • Enter your street address (no P.O. boxes) and click on Next
  • Then provide your address zip code, city and state. Note that, the address is where your card will be mailed
  • Create a username and password
  • Click on Enroll

And your account will be registered.


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