Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile


You should pre-register now and earn rewards if global milestones are hit on the Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile. Warzone Mobile is coming out as the next era of COD franchise with the highest quality Battle Royale mobile game experience. This game will be featuring authentic Call of Duty: Warzone style combat, weapons, movement and vehicles.

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile
Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile

You will discover epic maps like the iconic Verdansk and unique, offering a fun gameplay that allows for up to 120 live players in a match. The game is powered by unified Call of Duty technology. Gamers can use social features like friends, chat channels and Battle Pass across platforms for a great connected multiplayer FPS game experience.

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Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Release Date

The game is already available in Australia. But it will be made available to other regions this year 2023. According to the game download info on iOS App Store, the game is expected to be released in Nigeria on 15 May, 2023.

Is Call of Duty warzone in mobile?

Yes, Warzone Mobile delivers authentic COD gameplay on mobile with first-class graphics and intuitive controls.

How much GB is COD Warzone Mobile?

Warzone Mobile file size. According to players that have already downloaded Warzone Mobile, the file size for iOS is 531MB and Android is 234MB.

Then you will be required to download an in-game file of size 5GB to 6GB before playing the game.

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Download

The game isn’t yet available to every region for download. But you can pre-order for the game to get it earliest when it is available to your country. By pre-ordering, you will be given rewards after the game is released to you. HOW TO PRE-ORDER: Users will be eligible to participate in this Promotion by following these steps:

  • Launch your App Store or Play Store
  • Search for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile
  • Select “Get” or “Order” for iOS and “Register” for Android
  • Click on Confirm

You can set the game to auto download when it is available.

Maintain the pre-order through the date until the worldwide launch of the Game. You can check for more information.

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Apk

If available or when the game is available for download, you can follow the steps below to install the app on your device:

  • Go to play store or app store
  • Search for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile
  • Tap on Get for iOS and Install for Android

The app will be downloaded and installed automatically on your device.

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Gameplay

After download, launch the game. Then you will be required to download an in-game file size or 5-6GB. After downloading, select a login account to sign in to the game and save game progress. Login to the game and enjoy the COD Warzone Mobile Gameplay experience.

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Requirements



Adreno 618 or better. 6GB RAM or more.


Requires iOS 15.0 or later and a device with the A12 Bionic chip or later.


Requires iPadOS 15.0 or later and a device with the A12 Bionic chip or later.

Which countries is warzone mobile available?

Warzone 2 has limited release countries. So far, Australia is the only country that Warzone Mobile is available to download and play.


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