BMW Color Changing SUV – BMW Unveils World First Color-Changing Car


This is the sort of thing you would expect to see in a James Bond movie, but BMW has finally made the world’s first Color Changing SUV car. Debuting at CES 2022, this customized fully electric BMW iX has its body panel made from E Ink displays in s system called iX Flow. Similar to the technology you will find in the screen of a Kindle e-reader.

BMW Color Changing SUV

Once this E Ink panels are on the car, they are coasted with special layers to help protect them against the elements.

BMW iX – BMW debuts its new color-changing paint technology at CES

In the virtual demonstration of the car display, the modified BMW iX was switched from color white to black, and black to white. It is a convincing show, although when it was white. Rather than one clean color, the care has a triangular pattern on the body work.

The triangular pattern is as a result of the physical makeup of the panels on the car, and something which is less obvious from distance.

BMW E Ink Gives New Meaning to “Throwing Shade”

While the demo is changing the car’s color from black to white and vice versa, BMW says that other colors might be possible as well. BMW also opened up the possibility of some real variety for consumers in the future. And future implementation of this new tech will not be limited to just the color change of the body work.

It was also explained that the tech could be used on specific areas of cars like the grille, to give the car various appearances. Or even on the license plate, though there might be numerous legal limitations here.


As on e-reader, with this tech you can get you car to display information in images and text on its exterior. Information to be displayed include car charge status, and this would be a handy feature for EV owners.

E Ink – BMW demonstrates E Ink color changing car at CES 2022

The E Ink panels are popular in the tech industry and while they are commonly associated with e-readers. They have also appeared in wearables, smartphones, tablet, and other devices. In a highly versatile and flexible product, the E Ink can be cut into various shapes and hole-punched, which makes it ideal when it involves covering the obscure angle of your car.

CES: BMW reveals color-changing SUV using E Ink technology

The panels pack a bunch of transparent capsules with color pigments on them. And when a current passes through it, certain colors can be called to the car surface. This activity may sound like something that is potentially power intensive, but trust me it’s not.

Only a small amount of energy is needed to make the color switch, and no energy is needed to keep a color fixed in. Meaning that the system has a very low energy consumption. This can allay any fear about the color change draining the EV battery and hampering the car’s range.



Are we actually going to see something like this car available to the general public? BMW will certainly don’t rule it out, noting that early indications for the tech is positive. The company believes it is realistic as E Ink is not that complex of a material, and not unrealistic is terms of price as well.


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