Android 12.1 Review – How to Update to Android 12.1


With this Android version 12.1 Review at its peak, let’s take A First Look at What’s New. It was recently reported that the version is coming sometime this year, and it may be focused on foldable phones.

Android 12.1 Review
Android 12.1 Review


This information was gotten from an XDA Developer, and there are some features and looks from the same source about this version. Read more on this article to get some leaks about the new version.

Android 12.1 Review

This version will bring a dual-pane notification panel, settings, and lock screen, to make Android look good on foldable devices. It was predicted that this change is also coming to tablets. But it is mainly made for foldable devices.

If the phone display is large enough, the Quick Settings and notifications panel can both be displayed at the same time in Android 12.1.

Android 12

The stable build of Android version 12 is still on the way, yet the company is already working on Android 12.1. This version is said to be out before this year runs out.

After a long run, Google has brought back the idea to release an intermediate version of the green robot. It is explained by the company’s desire to release special software for foldable devices.

What is Android 12 Called?

The Android version 12 is called Snow Cone. As we may have known already, all Android versions are labeled with a name to represent them.

Previous versions have their own internal codename. The Android version 9 is called Android Pie, 10 is called Quince Tart, and 11 is called Red Velvet Cake.

Android 12.1 Features

  • Dual-pane notifications panel, Settings, and lock screen.
  • Taskbar.
  • New split-screen and recent apps UI.
  • Open a notification in a split-screen window.
  • Open-source dynamic colors, new boot animation.
  • Press & hold duration for the power button.
  • New wallpaper.

And many more.

How to Update to Android 12.1

This is usually like all other updates. Updating to the new version when released can be done with the below steps:

  • Get your device connected to a good network or Wifi.
  • Ensure your device is plugged and above 50%.
  • Tap on your phone settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on System or System Update.
  • Open the advance option from the system tab.
  • Select System Update.
  • Tap on Check for Update from the bottom right section.
  • Download the update.
  • And tap on Install update.

This will take a while to run on your device. Note that your device will be automatically switched off and on for a while during the installation.


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