25 Best Online Jobs for Students  to Earn Money


25 Best Online Jobs for Students  to Earn Money – There are many companies bringing their business online, making their job a good opportunities for different people. Presently, there a lot of online jobs in which student can apply for and earn a good amount of money.


25 Best Online Jobs for Students  to Earn Money
25 Best Online Jobs for Students  to Earn Money

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Most of these jobs need experience for the application also some do not need experience to apply for the job. You can start an online career, work from your home and earn a good cash as a teenager or student.

Online Jobs For Students – Job Opportunities Online for Students that Require Experience

This is a list of online jobs that require students’ experience in other to earn good money. Make sure you view all jobs listed below and choose not because of what you will earn. But what you are interested in and discover something you are good at and fits your abilities and financial goals.

Manager of social media

If you are campaigning on social media sites before; you can sign up to help market business product or services on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Companies may also need to be assisted with comment management, community growth, and social selling activities. You can take on client if you will be able to ad your voice and originality to postings by making shareable films or incorporating humorous GIFs.

Earnings per hour: $16-$50

Tutoring over the internet

If you can teach and have a good background in math, physics, or foreign language you can apply for online teaching jobs where you can be tutoring kids from all over the world through the internet.

You need a bachelor’s degree to be employed and employment portals for instructors, so make sure you have one before applying. If you have a teaching certificate in ESL or other subject you will boost your chances of becoming an online tutor even more.

Earnings per hour: $10-$25


Do you mind working in the field of finance? Do you mind keeping track of your money? If yes you may want to check out bookkeeping. some businesses need bookkeepers to help them manage their finances.

The work of a bookkeeper is recording of income and spending, invoicing clients and preparing financial reports.

Earnings per hour: $25-$50

Personal Coach

Think about searching for online personal training jobs if you are good at sporting activities or exercises.

You can train people anytime, anywhere with an online coaching, which permit you to take on more clients. Training of  people can be made in a group or one-on-one environment using Zoom/Skype.

Earnings per hour: $20-$70

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Beauty Advisor on the Internet

With the growing popularity of makeup and beauty around the world, there has never been a chance to as an online beauty expert. The sharing of your knowledge and skills may help your client trust and gain confidence in you.

Using your skills you can help customers locally or globally while producing your own brand that will give you a benefit in the future

Earnings per hour: $5-$45+

Online Recruiter

Before recruiters are only suppose to work on offices but things have changed, you can now work at home as an internet recruiter. Posting job openings and hunting for new employees will be among your key responsibilities.

You may be asked by some firms to do the initial phone inerview so that you can screen applicants ahead of time and accept only the finest to the appropriate manager.

Earnings per hour: $20-$40

Email Marketer

Are you having a unique skill that no one has? Can you create an email subject that make people want  to click? If yes, you can call some businesses and help them manage their email campaigns to earn money online.

If you demonstrate your abilities and entice recipients, employers will hurry to obtain your service and provide you with a long term contract. When you help or guide businesses in expanding their email lists, you’ll get major bonus points.

Earnings per hour: $30-$45


If you have a sense of grammar, the ability to notice mistakes, and ability to reassemble broken phrases on the fly. You can take the job as a proofreader. Also, you have to prove a variety of content as a proofreader, including email copy, blog articles business documents, and more.

You will serve as a second set of eyes for publishers, assisting them in them in the creation of more attractive and professional material.

Earnings per hour: $12-$50

Specialist in Facebook Ads

Though running Facebook advertisements is an efficient approach to improving revenue, some businesses do not have the skills or the opportunity to do so making Facebook ad experts in high demand.

You can get so many online jobs and select the firm to work in if you know how to create compelling ad and make campaigns to audience demographics. 25 Best Online Jobs for Students  to Earn Money

Earnings per hour: $30-$100

Expert in SEO

A lot of businesses are searching for skilled people who can help them to boost their search engine rankings. You must be skilled and talented at constructing backlinks and optimizing a website’s existing content to work as an SEO specialist.

If you have an experience in the field directly it is sometimes accepted or needed, but a related degree is not needed at all.

Earnings per hour: $15-$50

Influence on Instagram

Think of doing the job as an Instagram influencer if you are between the ages of 13 and 17 and you want to make your own money. It is because you can work part-time from your own home comfortably, this is one of the best internet jobs for teenagers.

Several companies nowadays are looking for Instagram influencers that can help them grow an maintain their Instagram following. If you can make cool Instagram stories, know the hashtags to use, and also can write amazing captions you will do well as an influencer.

Earnings per hour: $7-$40

Designer of website

You can be employed to work for NGOs, tech businesses, and other organizations if you have a website design skills. Any company that hire you will put your Adobe Illustrator, UX, and CSS skills to the test to make sure you are equipped in these areas. You may earn a living easily with just a few talents and the ability to develop eye-catching web pages.

Earnings per hour: $30-$50

Photographer for Hire

On a normal note, photography is thought of as an offline profession. If you are a photographer and have taking amazing shots while you are under a contract you can sell them online.

You can make use of online platforms to publish your images so that they can be purchased by clients or used as stock photography. This internet job is very easy and pays well without needing much effort on your part, especially if you do it as a side job to your regular 9-5 job.

Earnings per hour: NA,$1 per print

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An artist who does Voiceovers

When you have a natural smooth accent and a nice voice you can work as a voiceover artist. You can be employed as a voiceover artist online for films, cartoons, podcasts, apps, audio recordings on public transportation, foreign-language film dubbing, and more.

You need to make sure that you have a decent computer with a fast internet connection, audio software like Audacity, and studio-quality headphones  before send for any applications to possible jobs.

Earnings per hour: $20-$60


You may work as a you tuber if you have much passion for it and it is a simple internet job that pays well without  the requirement of a lot effort. You just need to have a decent phone and fast internet connection with a lot of filters.

Earnings per hour: NA…


If you are interested in writing frictionally or non-frictionally. You can take the job of being a copywriter. But you need to be talented and skilled before you can get a good copywriter job with better wages. It involves the use of decent devices, fast internet connection, and apps mainly for use.

Job Online for Student that Doesn’t Require Experience

Below are the list of online jobs available for student to earn good money, no experience required to apply for them. You can easily be employed for the below jobs if you apply for them.

Workers who enter data

This job demand you enter alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic data into a computer system. It may not sound like a lot of fun, but it’s lucrative internet career.

You can do the work if it is suitable for you. Consider improving your computer skills, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, to help you to succeed in profession.

Earnings per hour: $10-$20

Customer Service Representative

A lot of business are already employing customer support agents to handle consumer inquiries while working from home. You will be trained and also you will be able to choose from several shifts over 24 hours.

Think of applying for an online customer support service job if you are skilled and love assisting people. Just put it in your mind that you need a calm environment to work in. 25 Best Online Jobs for Students  to Earn Money.

Earnings per hour: $8-$20

Job Type: Micro

Several online entrepreneurs and business employ people to perform minor chores. These are jobs that5 pay a few dollars and do not take a long time to complete. Web research, one time social media posting, or simply typing activities are all examples of micro employment.

Because the assignment is short and the income is low, you should try to accomplish as many as you can.

Assistant Virtual

Consider that there is an online employment for people with Basic abilities, a virtual assistant (VA) position might be suitable for you. Easy office duties such as taking calls and responding to emails can earn you a lot of money.

The best part about virtual assistant jobs is that you can work as little or as much as you desire, making them excellent for busy folks with limited availability due to other obligations.

Earnings per hour: $14-$30

Tester for Websites

A lot of companies make use of testing companies to gain feedback from real people on how simple their websites bare use. You need to answer some questions as you walk through a website as a website tester.

You will also employ Video capturing to communicate your thoughts on the user experience. Your videos should be 20 to 25 minutes long. You could be useful if you have a thorough understanding of how websites work.

Earnings per hour: $15-$25


This for you when seeking simple online jobs to supplement.

These are the 25 Best Online Jobs for Students  to Earn Money.


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