20 Cleaning Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship


Let’s take a look at different 20 Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship. There are over 20 jobs in the USA that pay up to $81,000 a year for cleaning work. You can get a visa sponsorship for any of these jobs. You may even apply for these jobs if you’re good at cleaning.

20 Cleaning Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship
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There are many kinds of cleaning jobs that you may apply for in the USA. Foreigners who are employed in cleaning are allowed to apply for these jobs.

20 Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

It’s also nice that you don’t need a visa to immigrate to the USA to get these jobs. You don’t have to meet a lot of requirements to get the job. To apply for these jobs, you usually don’t have to provide a certificate to clean in the USA, but some cleaning companies do. This is just a brief description of these cleaning jobs, so you should continue reading to learn more.

What are Cleaning Jobs?

A cleaning job is a position that requires an individual to tidy and maintain a designated area. Employees clean areas to ensure that all locations are clean and tidy. The most important people in society are those who clean, especially in companies, homes, and other places. Anyone who comes in to accept the responsibilities of maintaining a clean and neat environment may do so.

The following duties are usually performed by 20 Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship. A cleaner in USA might do the following: mopping, dusting, washing, and cleaning. A cleaner in USA may also check the work, inspect the work, and more. In addition to these, you’ll learn about the duties of a cleaner in USA. Duties of a cleaner include:

  • Sweeping and mopping.
  • Dusting and arranging.
  • Washing and cleaning.
  • Inspecting the work done.

There are a lot more others, but you ought to already know the responsibilities of a cleaner in USA.

Different Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

There are a lot of cleaning jobs in the United States with visa sponsorship. We will focus on the best cleaning jobs in the United States with visa sponsorship. These jobs are also the best cleaning jobs available in the United States.

By identifying them and their salaries, you can seek out the best cleaning jobs in the United States. Here are the 20 positions you can apply for with visa sponsorship in the United States.


A janitor is a person who is in charge of cleaning and maintenance at a facility such as a school or office. As a result, a janitor is responsible for ensuring that the places they are in charge of are clean. Janitor jobs typically offer an average salary of $29,080.

Commercial Cleaner

A commercial cleaner is a professional cleaner who is hired by companies or organisations. Commercial cleaners are usually hired for difficult jobs. In the United States, you can make $26,891 on average as a commercial cleaner.


A housekeeper is responsible for keeping a home clean and ensuring its safety. They alert the homeowner to any safety hazards they notice while maintaining a clean environment. You can make up to an average salary of $14.86 per hour for this type of job.

Executive Housekeeper

An executive housekeeper job requires cleaners to come together to inspect the work they have been assigned. They must ensure everything is done properly. More than or less than an average hourly salary of $19.84 is earned for this job.

Residential Cleaner

A residential cleaner is someone who specializes in cleaning homes. They take care of everything from sweeping and mopping to more. In addition to earning an average wage of $17.21 per hour on the job, they also get to do everything from sweeping to mopping.

Kitchen Chef

A kitchen chef is someone who prepares and cooks meals for people to eat. They are trained to prepare food for people to eat. However, do you know that they are also in charge of cleaning and maintaining the kitchen? Well, they are responsible for maintaining the kitchen and ensuring that it looks nice. You can earn a salary ranging from $47,779 to $24.50 per hour, in addition to maintaining the kitchen.

Event Planner

Everything must go smoothly when an event is being planned. A good event planner will also clean up the venue after the event is over. In addition to ensuring that everything is cleaned up, they supervise to ensure everything is in order. Despite the fact that they earn an average pay of $66,000, they may earn less or more.

Maid Service

Maid services are employed by hotels to clean rooms after guests leave. They are also known as chambermaids. Maids are responsible for cleaning and preparing hotel rooms for the next visitor. In the United States, they earn an average wage of $26.220 for these tasks.

Hotel Housekeeper

A hotel housekeeper is responsible for cleaning, arranging, tidying, and other domestic duties. They are one of the most important members of the hotel, and their services are always required. An average hourly wage of $14.61 is earned by the hotel housekeeper.

Maintenance Worker

These are people that take charge in repairing, fixing, and managing mechanical equipment. They ensure that everything is functioning well in the house or anywhere they are working. They earn an average salary of $22.25 per hour.

Office Administrator

This is a professional worker that is in charge of welcoming visitors to an office or firm and scheduling appointments for people. It is their should to also ensure that everything is moving smoothly. However, they earn an average salary of $48,540.

Restaurant Chef

A restaurant chef is a job that have to do with cooking and selling food and other services to customers. It is their duty to make sure that the kitchen is neat and tidying up the kitchen. They are considered as one most important people in the restaurant and they also monitor the cleanliness of the kitchen. They earn an average salary is $24.11 per hour and $50,160 per year.

Office Clerk

An office clerk is a professional who makes sure everything is well operated and functional in the office. With the help of the office clerk, certain duties in the office are well checked. They can gets to earn up to an average salary of $15.33 per hour.

Pastry Chef

A pastry chef is someone who prepares backing ingredients and every other required kitchen equipment. They are also take part in cleaning of the kitchen and ensuring everything is well organized. They earn an average salary from $49.017 for this job in USA.

Retail Manager

This is a person who supervises the day-to-day activities in an organisation. The retail manager makes sure that at the end of a work day, everything is well checked and kept. They can earn about $44,448 as an average salary.

Parking Attendant

He or she is in charge of taking them numbers of vehicles that comes in and goes out of the parking lot. They can earn about $15.40 per hour.

Laundry Supervisor

This person makes sure that everything in the laundry is well done and arranged. They can earn an average salary of $56,340 per year.

Restaurant Chef

The restaurant chef takes charge in planning and managing the meals in a restaurant. They ensure that all the duties required to be done in the kitchen are completed. Also, they can be referred to as the assistant of the head chef. They earn an average salary of $24.11 per hour and $50,160 per year.

Lead Floor Technician

This is a person in charge of handling the use of equipment, cleaning chemicals,  repairing and polishing the floor of a place. They can earn $33,150 per year and $17 per hour.

Laundry Attendant

He or she does the laundry and ensure they are all properly done. They mainly wash and dry all laundry and ensure they are well ironed. A laundry attendant can earn an average salary of $13.45 per hour.

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